Profile_Pic3 (100 x 100)

A passionate observer of performance in forms, Australian artist Kyleigh Pitcher photographs her subjects with a keen interest in their attitudes and styles as artists. Aiming to capture the essence of these performers, she deftly focuses on the vibrant energy of a live performance. These photographs reflect the intoxicating power and vigor of their subjects by lyrically describing both music and mood through an expert use of light and shadow. Pitcher’s photographs aren’t mere images of a performer, but portraits of artists as people, with the image permeated by soulful emotions. The photographs vividly reflect the powerful sensations of experiencing a musical performance; further, they immortalize the subjects so that others may encounter their art. Strong contours of shadow balance rays of light and colour. “There is something I think that is central to me about capturing the real spirit with an emotional honesty and bold colour” explains the artist. Representing both the raw talent and tenacity of performers, Pitcher showcases her own effervescence as a photographer.

Kyleigh Pitcher resides in Melbourne, Australia.