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Redd Kross ~ 19 November 2018

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Kate Miller-Heidke ~ 22 March 2018

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Cash Savage, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks ~ 9 December 2017

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Kathryn Baulch, Designer, Baulch Design ~ 4 October 2017

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Russell Hopkinson, You Am I ~ 27 August 2017

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Cash Savage, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks ~ 3 May 2017

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Mark Tobin, Panic Syndrome ~ 15 November 2016

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The Blender Gallery ~ 5 October 2016

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Tasha LaRae, Arrested Development ~ 28 August 2016

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Bluesfest Byron Bay ~ 23 March 2016

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Rick Grossman, Hoodoo Gurus, The Divinyls ~ 19 June 2015

"Fabulous fotos from Spandau’s concert! I was lucky enough to be there, and lucky enough to be at the front too, and your fotos capture the show perfectly. So glad I stumbled across your link. I was wondering who the bunch of photographers at the stage were, and now I know."
Nat, Ticket Holder ~ 17 May 2015

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Kathleen Asheton, Ron Asheton Foundation ~ 3 November 2014

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Dave Bruce, Australian Musician Network ~ 26 October 2012

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Jack Perry, Chi Chi & The Go Go’s ~ 25 October 2012

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Keith Streng, The Fleshtones ~ 21 October 2012

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Andy Lloyd-Russell, Phantom Valley ~ 24 July 2012

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Brad Shepherd, Hoodoo Gurus ~ 4 May 2012

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Brian Canham, Pseudo Echo ~ 28 April 2012

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Robyn Porteen, Award Winning Photographer and Artist ~ 24 April 2012

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Moggy Bentley, Angel Awake ~ 7 March 2012

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Doug Seymour, Award Winning Music Photographer ~ 1 March 2012

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Bush ~ 28 February 2012

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Luke Reynolds ~ 14 January 2011